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Dealing with competency based interviews
Dealing with competency based interviews
Preparation is vital if you are to present yourself in the best possible light in a structured or competency based interview. This report will introduce you to the STAR methodology and help you to present your examples powerfully.
Creating a winning CV
Creating a winning CV
A powerful CV will get you in front of people. But many people either don't have a CV, don't have it up-to-date or haven't received good advice on how to put it together. Our guide, includes a template and will quickly and easily enable you to build a strong CV.
Question funnels
Question funnels
Being able to construct and use question funnels are key skills for any competency based interviewer. This guide takes you through a step by step masterclass
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Business books
Bounce - Matthew Syed
Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
The Career Adventurer's Fieldbook - Des Dearlove et al
The Goal - Eli Goldratt
The Inner Game of Tennis - W Timothy Gallwey
Winning Ugly - Brad Gilbert
Competitors and partners!
To practice assessment centres for real! www.assessmentcentreprep.co.uk
www.dtimes3.com for business solutions through live events, technology and training
Leisure and travel
For an outstanding B&B in the Loire visit www.loirevalleybreaks.com
www.airberlin.com - currently our favourite low cost airline
Affinia Shelburne Hotel NYC
For short and long term vehicle hire and lease go to www.candocontracts.co.uk
For high quality, low cost, short run printing and marketing requirements we use www.vistaprint.co.uk
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